sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2017


I do not blame the referees. I blame the "high patents" of the authorities of Portugal. The heads of the various forces and the judges. I blame those who are in charge and have a duty to protect and do not fulfil their obligation.
We learned that FC Porto supporters went to the referees training center to threaten their lives and of their families. That came out. But there is a lot that does not come out.
No one talks about visits to the referees wives at  work, untidy stores, and dozens of trousers scattered on the floor, for example.

No one talks about the waits outside the colleges and schools of the referees children. Without saying anything ... just being "present" in the days before the games. Just to see and be seen.
No one talks about the dozens of phone calls followed in the middle of the night. Twenty, thirty, forty calls that when answered are soon disconnected and last seconds play again. At three, four, five, six in the morning.
No one speaks in the restaurants of brothers and relatives of some referees, where this impunity criminals are going to eat and drink and after leaving any mischief and writing some complaints invented in the book say with an air of bad guy that "your son of a bitch brother will pay And if we do not behave well, next week, will be fifty of us here. "

Cars with broken glass as soon as being replaced are again broken.
Be at the door of the house just to say "good night and good game", showing in this way that they know where people live, when referees and linesman go back home.
Total terror, people hurt in their dignity, so much and so much that no one speaks. And the referees will denounce for what? In a country which police seriously pay damages to gypsy thieves? Are they going to risk the lives of those they love the most for what? No one wants to know, Portugal is really made for this scum.
Not long ago we saw everyone on TV, FC Porto chairman Pinto da Costa's bodyguards (now involved in murders and several cases of mafia on the Oporto's night live) saying to the police chief of Oporto to shut up ... Fc Porto supporters during a live coverage, steal microphones and other material to the CM TV and instead of hiding, they proudly exhibit themselves under a shocking impunity that frights and serves as an example for all the others. 
Yes, they steal, threaten, and attack, and show off what they do to serve as an example to all others.
Books were written and published referring to robberies, assaults, various assaults, consumption and drug trafficking and no one cared ... no one acted, police, judges, government are all scared...
The referees? They do what they have to do to have some peace and protect who they love the most, and we only understand them if we get in their shoes. Let us think of our brothers, parents, children and wives to be threatened and disturbed in their daily lives by these people ... Maybe we would do the same ...
No, the great culprits of what happen and what is going to continue to happen are not the referees! It is the one who commands this sad "Banana republic" once... "brave and immortal nation" called Portugal.

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